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Simple Science

How it Works

GMX Magna-Soft water conditioning system uses ceramic magnets using technology developed by NASA to induce molecular changes that condition your water to a softening state.  Our magnets simply attach to your water line and hot water heater outtake. This is a one-time installation that is good for the life of the home or business.  

With each system installed, we reduce the environmental footprint one home or business at a time, because there is no salt, wasted water or energy. And the minerals are retained in the water, making it a healthier and beneficial to plants, people and pets.

In fact, with each installation, you will protect your pipes and major appliances from scale build up!


Environmentally Friendly and Better For Your Health

No added chemicals or salt, ever!  Magnetically treated water retains the healthy minerals needed for absorption in your body.  You'll have softer skin and hair.  Your plants, garden and lawn will thrive too! And your tap water will taste great!

Tired of Lugging Those Salt Bags?

We may be able to install the GMX Magna-Salt conditioning system to bypass your current salt reverse osmosis system.  Give us a call and we can discuss your current set-up.


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Our products are made in the USA.  We offer a life time warranty and 90 day money back guarantee.

We are a member of the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce (WV) .

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Salt-Free Magnetic Water Softening

How it Works

  • GMX systems use a high intensity magnetic field to induce molecular changes in your water.  Originally developed by the NASA space technology, the effects of a magnetic field on fluids has been around for a long time.  

  • The effects of magnets on fluids, known as magnetohydronamics, is what happens when water passes through a properly focused magnetic field.  As the water passes through, the field breaks up some of the mineral complexes contained in the water. Once free, the particles act as crystallization centers, providing surrounding molecules something to "stick" to, rather than forming new layers of scale-build up inside the plumbing.

Developed by NASA to Last

  • All GMX magnetic fluid conditioning products are made with grade 8 ceramic magnets developed by NASA. Ceramic magnets are the only material known to man to hold a permanent magnetic charge throughout a human's lifetime.  GMX systems lose less than 3 % of their original strength over 125 years! 

How Many Units Do I Need?

  • Depending on the water hardness, we will install the amount of Model 800 magnets to treat both: (1) intake supply line coming into your home; and the outtake piping of your hot water heater(s).  If you live in Berkeley or Jefferson Counties, or surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia, you can expect a hardness of about 20 + parts per million (ppm).

  • For example - for a 2,400 square-foot home, we recommend a total of 6 GMX 800s be installed - 4 at the intake pipeline, and 2 at the hot water heater outtake.

Increase Your Crop Yield by 15%!

  • GMX magnetic treatment helps roots grow deeper, as the need for water is provided at lower levels.
  • Uses water in smaller quantities to maintain the same results, since it is absorbed quicker by the soil and roots.
  • Keeps sprinkler nozzles free of scale.
  • GMX magnets are sized to fit your pipes
  • Are affordable
  • No risk - 90 Day Satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Health and Environmental Benefits

  • Maintenance free
  • Does not waste water or energy 
  • Prevents and removes existing lime scale and buildup, over time
  • Does not corrode water heaters, pipes and fixtures
  • Does not harm the environment or our fresh water supply
  • Safe for heart patients and those with hypertension, as no salt is added to this system
  • Household plants and lawns thrive with absorbed minerals
  • You'll have softer skin and nails
  • You'll use less detergent in your clothes washer and dishwasher with better results!

2018 Home and Garden Show Schedule

Come see us at our booth at the following shows in March 2018  

March 3 -  Winchester Spring Home & Garden Show at the Apple Blossom Mall

March 17-18 - Hagerstown Community College Garden Show

March  24-25 - EPHBA Home Show, Martinsburg

Video Install - GMX 800s

Check out this informative video on how the GMX magnets are installed.